Giraffe Bone Grips

MDGrips ventured into working with giraffe bone to make grips when we were looking to find a high quality natural substitute for ivory that was not a faux ivory or composite. We were and continue to be extremely pleased with the results. Giraffe bone, being extremely dense, makes a very strong, long lasting material to use for pistol grips. We have found that the giraffe bone can range in color from a solid white to a creamy yellow. Giraffe bone also can be large enough to produce most styles of grips so the possibilities are endless.

Giraffe bone also has some natural cracks in the bone.

The cracks add a unique character to each grip. You don’t worry about them

breaking though!!  We test every bone before we make the grips for strength and

durability.  We fully guarantee our giraffe bone grips so if

something out of the ordinary did happen – it is covered

Giraffe bone is truly spectacular and make absolutely

beautiful grips. Giraffe bone grips add an elegant,

classy look to your firearm.They have a uniqueness

all their own.  Giraffe bone grips look especially great

on blued, stainless, and nickel guns. We also carry

medallions that will further enhance the beauty

of the giraffe bone grips. The look of a giraffe bone

pistol grip is rich and elegant.

Please contact us to discuss if it is possible to make giraffe bone grips for your firearm.  Please understand that giraffe bone is a natural product and we can only do what it will allow.