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  Way back fifty some years ago on a farm in northern middle Tennessee, a very young boy sat and watched and was fascinated by the work his father engaged in.  The boy, in most ways was growing up the typical way thousands of kids were raised at this time and place in history.  The boy's father was named Virgil and was raising five boys much as he had been reared.  Virgil was in may ways typical of the times as well.  Back then, when something broke you didn't run to the store and buy a new "whatever".  That was the last resort.  What you did was make it.  Countless was the times that Mike, the little boy would watch with great interest, as his daddy, Virgil, would make a handle for a shovel, a rake, a knife or a pistol... and when Virgil was finished, it would be stronger and better in every way than one you would buy at the store.
       It wasn't long before Mike was making handles too.  Handles for just about anything that needed one.. and as the years progressed, so did Mike's level of skill.  He took satisfaction from taking a piece of wood and transforming it into a literal "work of art".  Little did Mike know or realize that this was the beginning of his company that would make pistol grips that are works of art.   

Mike gained much from Virgil during those formative years.  From his dad he learned his positive work ethic as well as treating people like you  want to be treated and he inherited the skills that enable him to be a true artisan with regard to custom pistol grips.
         Every time a new grip is finished, Mike sees a little bit of his father in each and everyone, for without Virgil and his ability  MDGrips would not be on the market today.

         Virgil was a tall, strapping and very strong man, with a love of family, his maker and duty to his fellow man.  All these things were passed on to each his sons with each one having special skills learned from their father. 

         You can be especially proud of the MDGrips you purchase.  They are made in Tennessee by a proud Tennessean who was taught old time values as a child and still lives by them today.

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