A Simple Way to Create a

Beautiful Customized Pistol

At MDGrips, we value the way that you regard your pistol.  Our grips are made with the highest level of care to your unique specifications to create a truly personalized experience every time you take it out.  We carry a Federal Firearms License which means that you can ship your gun directly to us in a legal and reliable way.  With decades of experience in creating beautiful handcrafted pieces, MDGrips is your number one choice for authentic personalization of your favorite pistol.

Custom Handcrafted Pistol Grips

Finding the most comfortable and stylish grip for your pistol will transform your favorite hobby.  When it come to expert craftsmanship, nothing beats the quality and dedication of MDGrips.  Offering a stunning range of beautiful handmade pistol grips MDGrips is committed to providing you with a way to customize your pistol, creating a truly unique experience every time you take it in your hand.

Being one of the few custom pistol grip makers with our Federal Firearms License (FFL),  you can ship your gun to us for hand crafted grips truly customized to your firearm resulting in the perfect fit. MDGrips makes unique and authentic grips from different types of antler, bone and horn. For revolvers to semi-automatics, we have a rich collection of grips to suit any taste.

Custom Pistol Grips

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MDGrips is dedicated to making the finest quality custom pistol  grips.  We want every client extremely satisfied.  Our grips are fully guaranteed.

Beautiful Tennessean Handcrafted Grips

Why use stock materials for your pistol when you can personalize your experience with quality handcrafted custom grips.  MDGrips specializes in creating beauty, exuding old world charm in a functional and practical way to enhance the look and feel of your pistol.  To find out more about how we can create a grips for your gun, call us today at (615) 613-3552.

Custom Pistol Grips

with Old World

No matter your preference, MDGrips will create a truly unique grip that will last for generations.  We have extensive experience in creating custom elk pistol grips for many pistol models including elk antler pistol grips, NAA elk grips, Ruger Blackhawk elk grips, Ruger Vaquero elk grips, Colt SAA elk grips, and Smith & Wesson elk pistol grips.  We also offer the creation of grips using alternative materials, such as custom stag pistol grips, sheep horn grips and bighorn sheep grips.  No matter the style and material you choose, you will certainly love the result.